The Client, a promising manufacturer of advanced microchips, established a strong global reputation for innovation and quality. Their focus on energy-efficient chip design secured a notable share in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors. However, to achieve ambitious growth goals, the Client recognized the immense potential of the rapidly growing Indian electronics market.


To navigate the complexities of the Indian landscape, the Client partnered with Nextyn's Global Expert Network and Competitive Intelligence (CI) teams.

  • Market Landscape Assessment: Nextyn's experts conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders within the Indian electronics ecosystem, including government officials, industry leaders, and distributors. This analysis revealed a projected market size of north of $50 billion for semiconductors by 2026, with a significant demand for mobile and consumer electronics chips.
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: Nextyn's CI team leveraged its network to analyze existing semiconductor players in India. The analysis identified established domestic manufacturers and multinational giants as key competitors. However, it also revealed a gap in the market for high-performance, energy-efficient chips specifically catered to the growing Indian smartphone market (potential market gap of 12%).


  • Targeted Market Entry: Armed with Nextyn's insights, the Client identified the mobile and consumer electronics sector as their primary target market within India. This segment offered the highest growth potential and aligned perfectly with the Client's expertise in energy-efficient chip design.
  • Strategic Product Development: The CI analysis informed the Client's product development roadmap. They focused on optimizing their existing chipsets for power efficiency and performance in mobile devices, catering specifically to the needs of Indian consumers.
  • Competitive Differentiation: By understanding competitor strengths and weaknesses, the Client was able to position itself as a provider of high-value, energy-saving chip solutions. This unique selling proposition resonated with Indian manufacturers looking to optimize device performance and battery life.


Nextyn's Global Expert Network and CI teams provided the Client with a comprehensive understanding of the Indian semiconductor market and its competitive landscape. This valuable knowledge empowered the Client to develop a targeted market entry strategy and tailor their product offerings for maximum impact. With a clear focus on energy efficiency and catering to the specific needs of the Indian market, the Client is well-positioned to become a leading player in the country's burgeoning semiconductor industry.

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