Executive Summary:

A leading European clean-tech innovator sought to leverage its high-efficiency wind turbine technology with an efficiency of over 14% compared to the current systems employed in the burgeoning Asian renewable energy market. Partnering with Nextyn's Global Expert Network to bridge critical knowledge gaps and legal complexities, the client was empowered to develop a data-driven market entry strategy for targeted expansion.


Having established a strong foothold within the EU, the client set its sights on Asia, a region experiencing explosive growth in renewable energy demand set over the next 5 years at over 8%. However, navigating the intricacies of Asian markets, particularly regarding market penetration and legal complexities posed a significant challenge.


Recognising the need for regional expertise, the client partnered with Nextyn's Global Expert Network, a premier platform connecting companies with industry specialists. This partnership provided access to a curated network of seasoned professionals in Asia, enabling the client to:

  • Gather Comprehensive Market Intelligence: Through facilitated micro-consulting calls with 12 industry veterans, invaluable insights were gained from key stakeholders across target markets.
  • Navigate the Legal Landscape: Specialists who understand the legal frameworks custom recruited by Nextyn offered consultations over 10 micro-consulting calls, providing the client with a clear understanding of the legal environment for foreign clean-tech companies entering the region.


  • Prioritised Market Selection: Armed with Nextyn's expert-driven market intelligence, the client strategically prioritised China and India for their initial Asian expansion. This decision considered market size, projected growth, and receptivity towards high-efficiency wind turbine solutions.
  • Tailored Market Entry Strategy: Leveraging legal expertise from Nextyn's network, the client crafted a market entry strategy that addressed potential regulatory roadblocks. This included forging strategic partnerships with established local companies, facilitating streamlined import processes, and ensuring compliance with local content requirements.
  • Building Sustainable Partnerships: Beyond legal considerations, Nextyn facilitated introductions to potential local partners, fostering collaboration and ensuring a smoother integration into the Asian market.


By leveraging Nextyn's Global Expert Network, the client gained invaluable insights into the Asian renewable energy market and its complex legal landscape. This comprehensive understanding empowered them to develop a targeted market entry strategy and build crucial partnerships, positioning the client as a major player in Asia's burgeoning clean energy sector.

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